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Rug Cleaning 

Area rugs can definitely tie a whole room together! However, they are an investment. During the rainy and soggy months, your rugs take a lot of abuse. In addition, pets slobber all over them and kids spill drinks & snacks on them constantly. In fact, dirt, sand and grime can get deep into the fibers of your rugs without you even knowing! Just because your rugs become dirty and stained does not mean that they are ruined. Furthermore, rug cleaning done by Avon Cleaners is a must. In addition, we will surely be able to clean your rug up, making it look brand new for the fraction of the cost to replace it. 

Also, we are able to clean all rugs up to 10′ x 13′ 

Free Rug Cleaning Pickup and Delivery Service

Give your rug a longer life! Remember, routine cleanings of your rugs and carpets will help your home achieve more than just a good appearance.

Avon Cleaners provides free home and office delivery services along predefined delivery routes. Also, unlike on-demand services, our team of expert rug care professionals develop personal relationships with their customers- they get to know you and your preferences. Lastly, our drivers become your dedicated point person for all of rug cleaning services. And, they care about the comfort of your home and are committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction. 

Rug Cleaning

How Avon Cleaners Delivery Works

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1. You Sign Up

First, request a pickup and drop off when it works best for you in our mobile or web app.
Create Your Account.

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2. We Pick Up

Then, an Avon delivery agent will pick up your laundry during your scheduled pickup time.

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3. We Deliver

Lastly, your laundry, dry cleaning or housewares come back clean and pressed on your drop off date.
If needed, contact your Delivery Agent.