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Dry Cleaning Services

Avon Cleaners offers more than just dry cleaning and laundry services. Pick “Park Cities’ Favorite Cleaner” for household items, bedding cleaning services, specialty cleaning, garment storage and care for leather, outerwear, formal wear and vintage fabrics. We do it all! 

dry cleaned shirt
dry cleaning facility

Why Do I Need To Dry Clean?

Heat and water from traditional washing methods can damage the delicate fabrics and materials of your clothing garments by altering their appearance during the cleaning process. Along with this, water can swell and stretch the fibers, which can then cause the fibers to lose its original shape. 

Therefore, dry cleaning is the best and most appropriate cleaning method for delicate fabrics or fabrics that have stains and should not come into contact with water. Read our published blog post to learn more about Dry Cleaning Tips

Free Dry Cleaning Pickup and Delivery Service

The dry cleaning process preserves the desirable qualities of many fabrics and prevents shrinking and stretching.

And, even better, free pickup and delivery service is guaranteed for all your dry cleaning services.

Avon Cleaners offers a personal concierge-style relationship that is required for you to dress your best everyday and lead the life you want to live. Also, we care about the way you look and are committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction with our dry cleaning pick up and delivery service.

How Avon Cleaners Delivery Works

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1. You Sign Up

First, request a pickup and drop off when it works best for you in our mobile or web app.
Create Your Account.

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2. We Pick Up

Then, an Avon delivery agent will pick up your laundry during your scheduled pickup time.

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3. We Deliver

Lastly, your laundry, dry cleaning or housewares come back clean and pressed on your drop off date.
If needed, contact your Delivery Agent.