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Formal Wear 

Here at Avon Cleaners, not only do we remove stains on your formal wear garments, but we also press the dress or suit without using a traditional iron to keep your dress looking as good as new without leaving any iron marks. Dry cleaning uses a solvent that won’t fade the color, change the texture, or damage delicate fabrics.

outwear cloth dry cleaning

Free Formal Wear Pickup and Delivery Service

A cocktail dress, a prom dress and well-fitted suit are all an investment. In order to keep these items looking as beautiful as the day you bought them, you should consider bringing it to us. With our state-of-the-art equipment and technology, we are able to remove sweat stains, food stains and other stains that have leached into the fabric without damaging the garment itself.

Unlike on-demand services, our team of expert care professionals develop personal relationships with their customers- they get to know you and your preferences. Most important, our drivers become your dedicated point person for all of your bedding cleaning services- they care about home being clean and healthy as well as your sleep comfort. They are committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Storing Your Formal Wear

You’ve taken your dress and your suit to the dry cleaner and it’s looking as good as new. Now, you’ll want to properly store your dress to keep it looking good. Be sure to use quality hangers, protect your garments from the sun, store your garments in a cool space and be sure to use a non-plastic garment bag. Have questions about storing your garment? We’re here to answer them! Feel free to contact us for all inquires regarding formal wear. 

How Avon Cleaners Delivery Works

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1. You Sign Up

First, request a pickup and drop off when it works best for you in our mobile or web app.
Create Your Account.

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2. We Pick Up

Then, an Avon delivery agent will pick up your laundry during your scheduled pickup time.

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3. We Deliver

Lastly, your laundry, dry cleaning or housewares come back clean and pressed on your drop off date.
If needed, contact your Delivery Agent.