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Avon Cleaner Jobs

Get paid to give your protectionism a healthy outlet! If you consider yourself to be an energetic and motivated individual who is in search for a career path you’ll love, find out why you should join our team. 

Avon Cleaners is a fast growing and youthful company dedicated to perfect apparel, fresh perspectives and life long friendships. And… we’re hiring!

Avon New Hires

We’re your next long-term relationship 

Avon Cleaners is looking for hardworking and dedicated leaders to
take our company over the top in the next 10-15 years.

Avon Cleaners Job

Avon Cleaners is the youngest old world charm in Dallas and we are hiring! Working for Avon gives you more than just a job; you get a fulfilling career complete with competitive benefits.

Our successful candidates go to great lengths to learn about who we are as a company, our values and what we do. We are looking for dedicated professionals who want to team up with our great company! If this resonates with you, then fill out an application today!

Open Positions

Are you an entrepreneur, lingering over strategy and vision? Or a perfectionist obsessed with the details? Our new hires are literally getting the golden ticket.

customer service rep

Customer Service Rep. Get paid to Take the High Road

Work with diverse coworkers and customers as details manager and brand ambassador. If you have experience, great! If not, no worries. You’ll train with the best.

cfo dry cleaners

Chief Financial Officer Tradition & Action

The ideal CFO will posses deep knowledge of both traditional and actionable accounting to help us better segment our audience and drive customer retention. 

pressing garments

Presser & Finisher Get paid to meditate

Work with your hands to create something beautiful. Get lost in the rhythm of life. Many of our pressers have been here a decade, maybe you will too!

Our Values


All ships in the harbor rise together and we protect our clan as a whole. 


Our freedom is our ability and creativity. All life is chop wood, carry water.


Jump in feet first. Don’t look up until your satisfied. Oh the joy of the little things.


We strive for simplicity in all things. Really rather voting for the better life.


In all things. Fabrics, Material, Threads, Buttons, Sequins, Hope. 

Avon Delivery Truck
detail desk

The Right Fit

We are a high growth company looking for high growth and ambitions team players to fill positions across our organization.

The Right fits will bring high energy toward meeting our big hairy goal over next 10 years as well as will optimize our standard operating  procedures and our approach to customer service. We are enthusiastic and passionate disrupters of the status quo.

Ready to join the A Team?

Let’s see if we are the right fit for you.