Caring For Rayon Clothes

Rayon is a fiber that’s regenerated from cellulose, generally derived from wood pulp. Rayon clothes are made unique fabrics that made come from eucalyptus trees. However, any plant can be used (such as bamboo, soy, cotton, etc). To produce the rayon fiber, the plant cellulose goes through a process involving a lot of chemicals, energy and even water. Also, while the fibers are all natural products, the material is manufactured by treating them with chemicals. It’s true, rayon fabrics are some of the most popular fabrics used for rayon clothes and home accessories in today’s time period, due to their low-costs and versatility. 

Caring for rayon material can be a very tricky process. It can shrink and lose its original shape if the water or dryer machine is overly hot. All washable rayon clothing should be treated as delicate materials. Also, if the garment’s label reads “dry clean only,” you must follow that advice. Or, you may risk destroying the garment. This is because it may not have a protective finish and could shrink, fade, or bleed.

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How Often Do I Clean My Rayon Clothes?

While washing your rayon clothes, always use mild detergent and cold water to avoid shrinkage and color damage. Hand-washing these materials is more preferable and recommended. In addition, remember that Rayon is a very complex fabric and needle gentle care.

Always be sure to read the care tag labels for each of your rayon garments or accessories.

Stain Treatment:

Feel free to read our published blog post on stain removal to learn the best methods. Rayon fibers can be weakened by chlorine bleach, even if it’s diluted. A better option for stain removal, whitening, and brightening is to use an oxygen bleach.

Washing Solution:

Fill up a sink or a large bucket with cold water, and add gentle detergent, and mix well. Allow the rayon fabric to soak for at least 15 minutes. Rinse in cool water until the soap is gone and the water runs clear. Allow the garment to air-dry flat, or hang to drip-dry, ideally using a padded hanger so the shoulders won’t stretch or crease. Also, feel free to take a look at our blog post that discusses the best hangers to use for your clothing garments.

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Ironing Rayon Clothes

Many rayon clothes will wrinkle excessively when washed. And, will require ironing. Rayon irons best when the fabric is slightly damp. Be sure to use a medium-hot iron, and always iron on the wrong (opposite) side of the fabric. For extra protection, use a pressing cloth between the iron and the rayon fabric. Ironing could cause shiny spots on the rayon material if the iron directly touches it. If possible, steam out wrinkles rather than pressing the fabric directly with an iron. Ironing at a high temperature can scorch cellulosic fibers. The scorching or yellowing occurs as the fibers begin to burn. Feel free to reach out to Avon Cleaners for assistance with ironing and caring for your delicate rayon fabrics. 

Storing Rayon Clothes

Store rayon clothes by hanging or folding them. Or,  placing them flat on a shelf. However, don’t use metal hangers for your rayon clothes because the garments can quickly develop rust spots. Once again, feel free to read our published blog post to learn more about the best hangers to use for your clothing garments.

Overall, Avon Cleaners is here to help care for your rayon fabrics in the best way possible. Learn more about our dry cleaning services and reach out to us with any questions you may have! We can’t wait to hear from you.

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