Follow This Guide Before You Buy Silk Bedding

Silk is a high quality all-natural fiber. Manufacturers use it to make a smooth, breathable fabric that drapes well and provides comfort to your skin. Need a desirable option for your bed sheets? Silk fabrics!

Silk helps prevent overheating to the body, especially during the hot summer days. Along with this, silk material provides comfort for everyone. Let’s take a closer look as this guide of steps to know before purchasing your next silk fabric for your bedding.

Silk Bedding

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Why Silk Bedding Better Than Other Fabrics

For starters, silk bedding has several health benefits that you may have never known about. Silk bedding contains natural protein and 18 essential amino acids. Also, it is is hypoallergenic; it does not attract dust mites and is a natural fungal repellant. Let’s take a look at a few of the health benefits of silk:

  • Silk bedding is an incredibly smooth fabric and therefore, feels very soft on your skin.
  • It is a naturally hypoallergenic fabric that resists dust, fungus, mold and other allergens.
  • The silk material reduces allergies.
  • It slows does the ageing process.
  • Silk helps fight the symptoms of menopause. 
  • It’s true, silk reduces joint disorders. 
  • Also, it helps aid soar skin.
  • Your skin and hair stay strong and healthy by using silk, because you retain moisture all while reducing damage caused by higher friction fabrics.
  • Overall, your sleep is more improved by using silk.

It’s true, the silk fabric is the longest lasting natural fabric. It outlasts every other natural fabric. Unlike polyester, silk feels absolutely amazing on your skin and is extremely healthy for you. Furthermore, that is why it’s considered the best fabric and is highly recommended to use. 

Healthy Hair

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Dry Cleaning Your Silk Bedding Items Is A Fast Process

Professional dry cleaners are able to efficiently clean your all your household bedding items. This includes your comforters and blankets. They are guaranteed to return every item back to you looking as new and fresh as possible within the preset deadline. The professional dry cleaners here at Avon Cleaners will handle all of your blankets, comforters, and other precious gently and with due care to bring out the desired results. We promise you will get a good nights sleep after using a freshly dry cleaned blanket and comforter!

Comfortable Sleep

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Dry Cleaning Gets Your Bedding Cleaner

Just like furniture, your bedding acts like an air filter inside of your home, taking in dust and dirt. Dry cleaning cleans the fabric of bedding down to fiber level, removing all dirt, dust, and assorted debris. Also, dry cleaning  removes stains that your bedding items accumulate over time. Believe it or not, your comforters get dirtier every single night. Everyone loses moisture in their sleep through sweating. Also, skin flakes come off while you toss and turn in your sleep. House dust mites survive off your skin flakes and live in your bed sheets, comforters and pillows. Therefore, it is very important to have your comforters and blankets cleaned professionally every once in a while, especially during the warm seasons. 

Washing machines are not able to remove much more than surface dirt. When you put your bedding items into a washing machine, they simply wash all the dirt and debris around in the water with the bedding items, without actually removing the dirt. These bedding items are often too bulky for the average rinse cycle to be able to do its job. 

Here at Avon, we are able to clean down comforters, afghans, duvet covers, and cotton, satin or velvet bedspreads. Along with this, we are able to replace pillow ticking, as well as clean pillow shams, bed skirts, and other decorative items. Furthermore, free pickup and delivery service is guaranteed for all your bedding cleaning services.

Comfortable Bedding

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